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With all these unknown internet-based companies floating around, sometimes it reassuring to know more about the company you are dealing with...


Don't take our word for it - here's some of the feedback we've received from people who have taken our courses.


Community & Resources Active  "I found the course to be imaginative and it gave me a good basis to move forward..."

Michael M


Community & Resources Active  "Getting an understanding of the subject and its relevance to our change process was what I enjoyed the most"

Mike E


Community & Resources Active  "I enjoyed the full 2 day experience. I also enjoyed all the practical experiences."

Victoria N


Community & Resources Active  "I enjoyed the good interaction in the class, there were good examples used also."

Guy B


Community & Resources Active  "Listening to other people ideas, questions and experiences. The reassurance that what I had been doing was in the main, correct."

Eddie M

Community & Resources Active  "I think they are one of the best companies I have had the opportunity to work with..."

Simona F


Community & Resources Active  "[They] were a great asset to Firstsource. I feel the performance management course has improved my confidence overall which is what I wanted to take from this."

Danielle O


Community & Resources Active  "Excellent training and happy it wasn't death by slides. Took good leranings away. Keep this course interactive as it encourages participation."

Adrian M


Community & Resources Active  "[Their Management Training] is straight forward and helps deliver in a clear and understsandable ideaology that can be utilised by managers to help develop their skills and also used as a tool to performance manage employees. Thank you!!"

Robert M


Community & Resources Active  "Great 3 days, looking forward to testing it and delivering to my team."

Warner L


Community & Resources Active  "I liked the ability to work at my own pace completing the modules when time allowed rather than having to complete the whole course in one go."

David V


Community & Resources Active  "It was easy to follow, you can do it in your own time and you can see how far you have got with the percentage completed showing."

Janette H


Community & Resources Active  "I liked that the modules were well segmented and relevant. Able to retake tests if and when necessary without penalty!"

Tracey H


Community & Resources Active  "I really enjoyed all aspects of the course, the fact that it involves a mixture of direct learning content with interactive exercises, really made sure the material could sink in."

David M


Community & Resources Active  "I liked the ability to stop and return at the same point, many online courses I have completed require you to finish the section otherwise you had to restart from the beginning..."

Sharon T


Community & Resources Active  "I liked that it was do-able. I haven't learnt about topics similar to LEAN and I found it was easy to follow and well set out in individual sections."

Sally A