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With all these unknown internet-based companies floating around, sometimes it reassuring to know more about the company you are dealing with...

Our Team

We have a team of experienced and talented Lean experts who have a passion for Lean and helping people learn new skills.

We're not trainers. We are Lean Six Sigma practitioners. We use these skills, tools and techniques on a daily basis to deliver improvement projects for our clients. But we also love to teach these skills to others. Here you'll find some more information about out key contributors to our training - but it's not all of us. We have an extensive network of Lean experts that help us out with developing and delivering training.

Cameron worked his way from call centre advisor to call centre manager. Cameron was trained and further developed his Lean Six Sigma skills and has significant experience in delivering large scale Operational Excellence programmes across a range of sectors in the UK.

Cameron has designed Lean Six Sigma courses for clients, including the development of online training portals. He is committed to helping people achieve real, tangible benefits in any sector, by using their newly acquired Lean Six Sigma skills.


Colette is an accredited Six sigma Green belt and a fully trained practioning Six Sigma Black Belt with a proven coaching and delivery portfolio and bankable benefits. Colette has led teams of Green belts through a number of both full DMAIC and Lean Kaizen activities.

Colette has over 10 years experience across many industries including telecommunications, banking and the entertainment/gambling industry. 

David is a proven leader with the analytical and organisational skills to identify, lead and deliver on business opportunities.  Six Sigma, Lean and Management Consultancy professional with experience in a variety of sectors including Government, Service and Insurance and Financial. Delivered multiple change programmes for a variety of organisations utilising internal and external change resources. 

Guest Trainer - Frances Eames

Guest Trainer - Frances Eames

Experienced Lean Six Sigma Consultant with over 7 years experience leading, training and coaching teams to deliver sustainable benefits and long term improvement changes for major blue chip clients using Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, BPM, BPR, Systems thinking, Process modelling across a range of service and production sectors.

We now have online courses!

Learn at your own pace, at your convenience. We have designed our courses with real-world application always in mind.

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We have new modules being added every week.

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Courses at your Workplace

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Lean Learning Management System

Do you have 100's or 1000's of employees that you'd like to be Lean Six Sigma certified?

We have a Lean Learning Management System available for organisations looking to create a culture of continuous improvement. The LMS comes with a Yellowbelt and 2 Greendbelt courses, with over 150 training modules in High Definition. 

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