Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our services, chances are we've already answered it here. Have a look through the questions most commonly asked of us.

How come you charge so much less than everyone else? 

We believe that good quality training should not cost thousands of pounds. We've invested in developing the training and we want people to be able to access that training at a reasonable price. Lean skills are valuable to everyone - not just those that can afford it.

So there's a catch, right? Am I locked in for long contracts? 

Nope. If you pay by the month, you can cancel at any time. Your account will remain available to you until your next monthly payment date, when it will then revert to a Free account (or be closed altogether - your choice). Basically, we won't take any more money after you tell us you'd like to cancel.

If you are an annual customer, you received a discount for paying annually. Your account will be active for the full year, but we won't take any more money after that if you tell us you want to cancel.

I signed up but it really wasn't what I was expecting - can I get a refund? 

Sure you can - but subject to fair use! If you only tried a few modules before you decided it wasn't for you, then no problems - full refund coming your way.

But if you watched loads of videos and completed entire awards and courses, then we think fair's fair - you should have to pay. Of course you can cancel and we won't take a penny more (but we'd hate to see you go!).

Is this some dodgy offshore company out to scam us? 

Absolutely not! We're based in the UK. We're real people. You can follow us on Twitter, or see our LinkedIn profiles or even email us.

Our Registered Address is:

19-20 Bourne Court
Southend Road
Woodford Green


 Find out more about us here.

Are all courses available both online and in classrooms? 

Most of them are, but some are either online only, or classroom based only. Ultimately, we'd like to be able to offer a version of all courses either delivered face to face in classrooms, or online via video modules.

We're always working hard to create new content.

How do I cancel my subscription? 

You have full control over your subscription. If you have completed the online training courses, or for any other reason want to cancel the subscription, just log in to your PayPal account and cancel the recurring monthly or annual payment associated with Lean Sigma Academy.

If you need any further assistance, just send us a message using the Contat Us page.